Practices and services to coaches

Finding work, whether as an aspiring or seasoned Tennis Coach, can invariably be challenging and difficult at the best of times, as is establishing the right fit between employer and employee, whatever one’s respective profession or trade. Likewise with operating an efficient and viable coaching practice and dealing with club management, one’s employer, or whatever the case may be.

Coach Assist gives invaluable advice on the forgotten art of body language, how to present yourself to your pupils, how to tune in and better understand your pupils’ wishes, requirements, and status quo, how your more advanced pupils can greatly benefit from understanding body language and the many guises it comes in.

Acting as your agent, your representative (private or public) or simply as your advisor, Coach Assist’s fees per assignment can be as little as £55.

  • can eliminate the bulk of the time that might otherwise be wasted on seeking work via incorrect channels
  • tutor you on body language
  • investigate and report back to you a comprehensive strategy on how to develop your coaching practice, how to deal with an employment-related issue, or indeed any workplace challenge

And in the event of dissatisfaction with our efforts and results, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Drawing from Bradley and his team’s collective experience of some 30 years at the cutting edge of the tennis coaching arena, Simply Tennis’ Coach Assist service has an exemplary record in dealing with various tennis coach issues.

To find out more, call 07836 577 430 (UK), +44 7836 577 430 (International) or send a message via the contact form.

Free initial 20-minute telephone consultation.