What people say about Simply Tennis

Simply Tennis has enabled me to meet 2 excellent and similar standard players, from both sexes, with whom I have played tennis frequently and both have become good friends subsequently.  Brad Roberts has been an excellent coach and I have known him for 10 years and I still have a tennis lesson every Monday morning.  He has an excellent eye for putting people together of a similar or challenging level dependent on what one is looking for. I don’t currently have the time to extend my tennis beyond the 2 to 3 outings a week but if I had more time I would definitely seek to extend my contacts around the game, otherwise I look forward to continuing my membership of TennisBook well into the future as well as referring to Simply Tennis’s Tennis Concierge service, as and when I need to.

I have known Brad since 2005 when I began taking lessons from him. Then, very much a beginner I have since progressed considerably and now represent my club, as well as playing in the occasional adult tournament. Certainly I have tried other coaches,  but where Brad stands out is his technical expertise and his honesty as he will only praise you if you deserve it and for these reasons and others I continue to maintain a weekly session with him, in order to enhance my technique, and ensure I don’t fall into any bad habits. Equally noteworthy is Brad’s astute understanding of people, different personalities, different standards etc which is very much reflected in the services that Simply Tennis offers. For apart from trying Remote Coaching on several occasions, I have also benefitted from him introducing me to several appropriate playing partners, several of whom I have made good friends with, done some business with etc. Indeed, when Brad first told me about TennisBook, I signed up without hesitation, and all in, a big thanks to Brad for helping reveal to me the diverse opportunities that tennis has to offer.

Brad has been giving me a weekly tennis lesson since August 2012, during which time I have progressed from very much a beginner to I guess an advanced intermediate level. Or to be laymanly blunt, from few shots, to  a point where I can confidently play with  other people. As a coach Brad’s persistence and patience is second to none, and as for the other services offered by Simply Tennis, it is definitely my endeavour to join TennisBook, as soon as my serve is working a little better, and I will no doubt refer to his Tennis Concierge service at some point soon.

My oldest son began taking lessons with Brad when he was 2. All of the other Coaches I approached were seemingly not interested in taking on such a young child, but Brad was not only prepared to try a lesson or two with him, but soon confirmed he had talent and has since  continued to be his coach until the very present.

My son is now 8 years old and regularly wins tournaments for his age group. Furthermore various tennis afficionados  have commented upon his technical and mental skills and under Brad’s ongoing tutelage and guidance we are planning to take him to one of the world’s top tennis acadamies for an assessment.

We are also very pleased with our 6 year old daughter’s progress with Brad and my 4 year old son is now starting to also  benefit from his teaching,

I have been taking a few lessons from him myself and feel that he is a great coach. The key thing I have noticed is that Brad has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly what I need to change in my technique to improve my strokes. Previous coaches have tried to rewrite the book and teach a completely new technique which is somewhat confusing and difficult to employ. Brad’s little tips and his ability to very slightly change one’s technique to produce a massive improvement in one’s game is quite genius.

Also of note is Brads considerable patience, and all considered are very happy with the never give in qualities that he has helped  bring to fruition in our son, As a result of this I recommend him highly to anybody seeking to learn or improve their tennis; especially children.

Brad has been assisting me with my Tennis for in excess of 3 years. A total novice when I began taking tennis lessons from him I now find myself very much competent with all of my strokes. Indeed I now have the confidence to ask friends for a game, and am no longer daunted by playing at garden parties and other social events. Most definitely I would recommend Brad to anybody who not only wants to learn the game, but also to advanced players, as I have seen him coaching some very good players before and after my sessions with him. Extremely approachable and amenable Brad’s understanding of people  is seemingly second to none and subsequently I have total faith in the TennisBook product that he has put together being a success, indeed I joined pretty much at  its inception. Also  I have recently found  Simply Tennis’s Remote Coaching service particularly beneficial, in that  now that I am much more serious and enthused about my Tennis I frequently endeavour to play with my clients when travelling nationally or abroad; many of whom expect a good game, thus communicating with Brad or his team via telephone, skype, or email has invariably been of great help insofar as ironing out form and technical glitches from afar.