Organising and arranging all things tennis…

Organising and arranging tennis lessons, tennis holidays, or tickets to tennis events etc. can be time-consuming and as much of a minefield as any other sport or pastime activity.

The time you might spend on finding a suitable and appropriately qualified instructor for your children can often be better utilised on matters that you are more familiar with – especially should your efforts not yield what you expected.

Simply Tennis’ Concierge Service ensures that such outcomes are avoided.

Examples of our service include:

  • knowing where and how to secure bonafide tickets to Wimbledon and other major worldwide tennis events
  • knowing which local club best suits your requirements, how to gain membership to the more exclusive ones, how to pass the nerve-wracking playing in tests that many such clubs insist upon
  • knowing which international tennis camp best suits your requirements – in particular when it concerns your talented son or daughter
  • knowing which tennis equipment best suits your needs; the type of racket, which weight, which grip size, as well as where to buy such equipment
  • knowing how to go about resolving a tennis-related injury; “Tennis Injury Resolution”

The above are a few of the varied scenarios that particularly parents, newcomers to the game, and employees on overseas secondments might be confronted with.

Tennis Concierge eliminates this often wasted time and the prospect of being badly informed, by advising on the correct channels to go through within the tennis arena and finding who are the bonafide, reliable operators etc.


Assignment fees start from as little as £55.


As a bespoke global 24/7 service, we can satisfy your requirements not only locally (London), but nationally (United Kingdom) and worldwide. We are sufficiently experienced and connected to be able to troubleshoot any tennis-related challenge or requirement pretty much anywhere in the world.

Within 72 hours of receiving your request for assistance, we can have a more than satisfactory result for you. Our reputation is second to none and if we cannot sort your issue, then we know who can.

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