Linking like-minded tennis enthusiasts

Not an offshoot of Facebook, but instead a professional, no-frills service that prides itself on linking like-minded tennis enthusiasts together!

Whether you are a professional or club-standard player, looking to be linked up with a regular playing partner, an amateur looking for likewise, or you simply want to meet fellow tennis enthusiasts, then our record speaks for itself!

We will oversee your requirements in a competent, professional and entirely confidential manner.

Tennis is, of course, known the world over as one of the most sociable sports, in that not only do both sexes play to a relatively even standard, it is equally renowned for its ability to attract certain types who find an affiliation with its alluring and distinctive features – whether that be its aura of decorum, the extent to which etiquette and fair-play is the very essence of the game or its healthy outdoor image, to name but a few.

And it is such types, indeed such people from all corners of the world who constitute the membership of TennisBook; membership enabling access to other members within a local, national, or global context.

Bearing in mind the age-old adage that “Birds of a feather flock together”, and that tennis is the common denominator amongst members of TennisBook, the likelihood of finding like-minded individuals to yourself from TennisBook is relatively high, as is the likelihood of finding similar standards, those who prefer social tennis to the more competitive aspects of tennis, or even those who want to do nothing more than talk tennis!

Of course should you not have the time or inclination to find appropriate playing partners or tennis liaisons… or should you simply have no luck in doing so, then for a small fee, a skilled Simply Tennis operative will find you an appropriate partner or partners as you desire.


Membership of TennisBook comprises a £52 annual fee which entitles you to a TennisBook listing.

Once membership becomes chargeable, then a confidential log-in service will commence so that members can self-search, but until then a Simply Tennis operative will assist you with appropriate options, should you require any assistance in finding an appropriate partner or partners etc.

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